Note: the editable PowerPoint export format is released as beta feature. All Administrator users get access to the functionality in end of Q3, to get early access please contact

StoryTeller reports can be exported to PowerPoint as native charts and tables to support sophisticated editing in the PowerPoint document. 

Chart layout can be amended (e.g., change chart type altogether), data series can be edited, removed and added, which has a wide range of potential uses, for instance, when parts of a StoryTeller report should be incorporated in an externally created presentation.  

Previously, all charts and tables were exported as images without editing possibilities in PowerPoint. 

Some of the chart types and chart/table settings in Dapresy are not supported in PowerPoint and these will be exported as images even when the editable PowerPoint export is applied.

Layout differences online vs PowerPoint

Charts and table, exported as editable objects, will not have 100% the same layout in PowerPoint compared to the online appearance. 

In general, the layout in PowerPoint is closer to online appearance the larger the chart/table is. As an example, a small chart, with many items in the legend, tends to get a much larger legend in PowerPoint compared to online which results in a smaller chart area.

Below you see examples of layout items which might differ in the exported version.

  • Column and bar width    
  • Legend size
  • Distance between scale steps
  • Scale (if an automatic scale is used)
  • Line and border thickness
  • Text wrapping and text rotation in axis
  • Text size

Unsupported object types

The following object types are always exported as images and not editable PowerPoint objects:


  •    Vertical line, spline and area charts
  •     Marimekko chart
  •     Gauge and Solid Gauge charts
  •     Polar columns/bars/spline charts
  •     Heatmap chart
  •     Treemap chart
  •     Combo charts with vertical lines/splines/areas
  •     Combo charts with secondary axis where all series are columns/bars
  •     Charts with Target areas enabled
  •     Pie/Donut charts with multiple series in axis
  •     Scatter and bubble charts with colored X and Y mean value lines/quadrants
  •     Tables with images/icons in formatting rules/significance tests
  •     Respondent tables
  •     Word Clouds
  •     Text and Media box
  •     Icons
  •     Dynamic Icons/Shapes

Custom code

JavaScript applied to online reports is not applied to charts and tables when exported as editable PowerPoint objects.

Enable editable PowerPoint export option

If you have been granted access to enable editable PowerPoint exports you can enable it in the “Report layout settings” panel located in the StoryTeller ribbon menu. 

To the left below you see how both PPT export as images and editable objects can be enabled, to the right how it appears to a Report user in the export panel.