Shapes (lines, rectangles, circles etc.) can be inserted and used as, for example, background objects and for highlighting results like in the slide below.

The following shapes are supported:

  •     Line
  •     Rectangle 
  •     Triangle
  •     Circle
  •     Ellipse
  •     Polygon

The look and feel of the shapes can be adjusted by setting fill color and border style.

To add a shape to the slide do as the following:

  • Click the Shape icon in an empty object or insert a new shape object via the context menu.

  • After shape object is added, select shape type.

  • To format the shape double click the shape to see the format options: Fill, Border, Opacity and Rotate

NOTE: The shapes are exported as native PowerPoint shapes when exporting the deck in editable format, which means that fill color, size, border etc. can be adjusted in the PowerPoint document after export. When the deck is exported as images the shapes are images in the export and cannot be edited.