Clipboard concept has been introduced to support copying sheets between workbooks. You can for example load a shared workbook, add the interesting sheets to the clipboard and later paste the sheets into your own workbook. 

Activate Clipboard

The new Clipboard is available as beta version and is not enabled by default in any Cross Table tool report but can be activated via the Setup menu. Here we see how to activate the clipboard in the Cross Table tool setup. When clipboard is 

activated all users with access to the Cross Table tool report can use it.

Work in Clipboard

The Clipboard is opened by clicking the Clipboard icon highlighted in the image below. Click to open the Clipboard.

Once the Clipboard is open you can copy sheets from the open workbook to the clipboard with drag and drop or by using the “Copy sheet to clipboard” option in the context menu.

Here we see how Sheets can be copied to the clipboard, either via drag and drop or via the context menu.

To paste sheets from the clipboard into the current workbook use drag and drop or the “paste” option highlighted in the image to the right below. 

Here we see how Sheets can be pasted into the current workbook, either via drag and drop or by using the paste option. When drag and drop is used the sheets are positioned where you drop them, if the Paste option is used the sheets will be added after the selected sheet.

If all sheets in the clipboard should be pasted into the workbook use the “Paste all” option available at the top of the Clipboard. 

Here we see the Paste all option.

The sheets stay in the clipboard until you delete the sheets from the clipboard, select another project or log out.