Table Key

The information displayed in the table summary information: “the table key” is now customizable. 

It is possible to choose among a set of items to be displayed, such as time period, filters, significance test type and level, if the results are weighted or unweighted etc. 

If tables breaks are used you can also choose if a table key should be displayed for each table or just one for all tables like in the example below.

Information to display in the table key is selected in the new toolbar located in the Result tab as shown below. The content in the menu depends on what type of data is displayed in the table, the benchmark option is only available if benchmark values are applied, the significance test options are only available if significance testing is applied and so on. The new Table key menu in the toolbar with all available options.

As an Administrator user you can specify, on a Cross Table tool level, which items to be shown by default in the table key for a more efficient workflow for the Report users. 

Here is the Cross Table tool Setup menu where you as an Administrator selects which table key options to be shown by default