A new toolbar, with most used table settings, is introduced in the result table for a more efficient workflow. Now you can easily update number of decimals, enable the base size, insert table breaks etc. when viewing the table without switching tab.

As a result of the new Toolbar the Settings tab is no longer used in the Cross Table tool, the Base size selection settings have been moved into the Calculation tab and the rest of the settings are in the new toolbar.

For visual reference, we see new (first image) and the old (second image) tab structure in the Cross Table tool.

- Calculations

Standard calculations such as %, Count, Mean, Sum, etc. can be enabled in the Calculation menu, only calculation types applicable to the selected questions are shown in the menu. 

The more advanced calculations options such as Significance testing, Ranking, Correlation and Benchmarking are still set in the Calculations tab.

- Split Settings

In the Splits menu select if splits should be nested or un-nested as well as if Totals and Subtotals should be displayed.

- Weight

Weight can be turned on and off from the toolbar, if multiple weight variables are available choose which one to be used from here.

Note: In case where the user is not allowed to change between weighted and unweighted result the Weight option is not displayed in the toolbar


- Number of decimals 

Number of decimal places can be increased/decreased from the toolbar. 

As different calculation types can have different number of decimals places applied the decimal setting in the toolbar increases/decreases each calculation type with one decimal place.

Example, the table displays count with 0 decimals and % with 1 decimal. By increasing the number of decimals with one place the count is displayed with 1 decimal and the % with 2 decimals.

Note:  The number of decimal setting in the toolbar effects the result only and not displayed base sizes.

- Base Size

In the base size menu the base size is turned on and off and the position changed. The weighted base size options are only available when calculation is weighted.

- Decimal and thousand separators

The decimal and thousand separators can be changed from the toolbar as well.

- Table Breaks

From the toolbar Table breaks can be inserted between every question, all of the added table breaks can also be removed by clicking the same option. 

Note: If table breaks should be inserted in customized positions, this can be achieved in the “Rows, Columns and Filters” tab.

- Table Key

In the Table key menu appropriate information can be selected, such as, applied filters and time period, to be shown above the table. 

- Displayed labels

Question and Split question texts can be turned on and off from the following option as seen below.

Note: the settings for hiding question and split question texts were previously located in the Settings tab which has been removed, these settings are now only available in the toolbar.

- Hide empty series

In the Hide Empty series menu the settings for hiding date gaps, empty series and splits with "no data" are enabled and disabled.

Note:  the settings for hiding empty series were previously located in the Settings tab which has been removed, these settings are now only available in the toolbar.

- Transpose

The transpose function to transpose rows and columns is now available in the toolbar.

- Formatting rules

The Formatting rules panel is also now opened from the new toolbar.

Note: The formatting rules panel were previously located in the Settings tab which has been removed, the Formatting rules panel can only be opened from the toolbar.

- Export

The current sheet can be exported from the toolbar.