Share workbooks to Administrator users

Improved collaboration between Administrator users a workbook can now be used by sharing to individual Administrator user or a set of Administrator users, previously it was only possible to share a workbook to all other users or to a selected set of Report users only. 

From here select which individual Report Users or Admin users to share your workbook with.

Admin users can share to other Admin users by default, but the Report Users cannot. If the Report Users should have the rights to share to Administrator users it needs to be enabled in the Cross Table tool setup as shown below.

Open/Edit and save edits to a workbook shared in collaborative editing mode

In the workbook panel, under "Shared Workbooks" the column “Collaborative editing allowed” indicates if edits can be saved to the shared workbook, green icons are marking the workbooks where edits are possible and red where it is not possible.

When opening a shared workbook supporting collaborative editing, updating is not allowed by default, as save option is disabled. To save edits to the shared workbook enable the “Update mode” and the Save option becomes enabled. 


Note: Only one user can work in update mode at any time, though multiple users can load a shared workbook simultaneously to view the results and make edits which will not be saved unless saved as a new workbook.

It is recommended to leave update mode after saved changes so other users are not “locked out” of update mode in the same workbook. A user is automatically “released” from the Update mode when navigating to another report, selecting another workbook, creating a new workbook, logging out or after 20 minutes of inactivity.