The uploaded and activated reference data can be reported stand-alone in StoryTeller charts and tables or used for survey data comparison. In this version, it is required to have a “report level reference data filter” in order to apply Reference data to any object, in future versions, it will be supported to apply reference data directly to charts and tables without having a report level reference filter.

Here we see the report level reference data filter that currently must be used in order to apply reference data to a chart or a table.  


The Filter sets selected in the report level reference filter shown above is applied to all data objects using reference data no matter what filter combination is applied within the charts and tables objects. Due to this logic, it is recommended to not have in-chart/in-tables filters that theoretically can have an impact on which reference Filter sets to be used as a comparison.

Example: reference data is uploaded for the Filter sets “Males” and “Females”.

  • A good practice is to use “Gender” as an optional filter as you will be able to apply the correct reference data Filter sets to the report based on which gender item is selected in the Gender survey filter.  
  • Bad practice is to apply Gender as an in-chart filter split (show survey result for Male and Female in the same chart) as the Reference Filter set selected by the user (Males or Females) will be applied to both the Male series and the Females series in the chart, one of these series will be compared to inaccurate reference values.

As mentioned above you can limit which reference Filter sets to be shown for the users based on what hierarchical and optional filter selection that been made, there are a few different rules which you can read more about further down but as an example, you can limit the Filters sets by which hierarchy unit the Report user select, or by which Optional filters the Report user selects or a combination of hierarchy unit and Optional filter selection.

Due to the need of having a reference data filer, on a report level, the report setup is done in two steps:

  • Step1, setup report level reference filter: specify which Reference Categories and Filter sets to be shown in the reference data filter and if any rules shall be applied to limit which Filter sets to be shown for the users based on hierarchical and Optional filter selections
  • Step 2, report reference data in charts and tables: in the chart and table objects specify if the reference data should be applied to the object and how (display the reference data only, display the difference between the survey data and the reference data, calculate percentile ranking, etc.)