A Categories and Filter sets concepts allows you to import multiple types of reference data into the same project. Examples of Categories could be “Best in class” and “Industry means” and within each of these categories you can have reference data for different Filter sets if there is reference data available for different filter combinations.

 Report user view, as shown the user can now either select to compare the survey result to a “Industry mean” or two different “Best in class” benchmarks. 


So, a Category is a group of Filter sets while a Filter set contains reference values for a certain filter or filter combination which can include hierarchical filters.

In the StoryTeller reporting the Categories and Filter sets are always shown in a reference filter list. The Report users selects which reference data to be applied to the report. You can apply rules so different Filter sets are available to choose from based on which hierarchical filter and optional filter selections that are selected by the user to ensure that relevant Filter sets only are shown. You can read more about these rules in later chapters.

An example of how the available reference Filter sets changes when the gender selection is changed.