The Reference data module allows you to compare survey results to external benchmark values such as internal targets, industry means, best in class benchmarks, etc.  
 The Reference data is stored separately within the project from the survey data and uploaded in a “reference data” friendly format. The reference values are connected to the question and answers in the project for an automated reporting process and can also be connected to the hierarchical filter units and other filters in order to compare survey results to the most relevant reference data.

The reference data can be used in the StoryTeller report and visualized in charts and tables on its own or you can visualize differences between the survey result and the reference data.
 It is also supported to use percentiles in the reference data to for example calculate a percentile ranking result which is common in employee research.

A Category and Filter sets concept allows importing multiple types of reference values into the same project, as an example you can include reference values for “Best in class” and “Industry means” and let the Report user select which of these benchmarks to be used in the reporting

Example of a basic dashboard with reference data comparison, the left chart shows the mean values of the survey attributes and right the difference to the uploaded reference data.