In the create/edit Report users page you can limit the Event emails by a date to avoid sending out old event emails when a user is added to an ongoing project.

Here we see this option in the Report user creation page. If the “Response date limit” is set to 2020-12-20, like in the image below, no event emails will be sent out to this user for respondents with a lower response date even if they fulfill the trigger criteria.

For the regularly uploaded survey respondents, the default Response date variable is used for checking if a respondent should be included in the Event emails based on the  “Response date limit” of the Report user.

For the action respondents, you should specify which input date variable to be used for checking the dates as action respondents do not have a  “default” response date variable (an action respondent can have one or several dates depending on the Form set up like action created date,  last update date, target date, etc.).

Which input date variable to be used for checking the action respondent date is defined in the new Project settings page in the Events and Forms sub-page.