Unit level Action planning, also known as strategic action planning, is now supported which allows creating and connecting actions to organizational units (hierarchical filter nodes) or other types of segments, service lines, target groups, etc. (optional filters). 

Unit-level action planning was not supported in the earlier version as the actions always were connected to the uploaded respondents (case action management).

As the new unit action plan support is an improvement of the current case management process the flow is built on Input variables, Forms, Event emails, and StoryTeller reports which makes the action plan process customizable based on the customer needs. What input is required in action forms, how escalation processes and email reminders shall be used is flexible. Corporate layouts can also be applied to the action forms.

Aggregated action statistics can be reported in, for example, StoryTeller dashboards in order to analyze the number of open actions in different areas, number of delayed actions etc.

This is an Action plan example. The StoryTeller (the image to the left) lists all the current actions in a Respondent table and a few data objects show the action related statistics of the selected Team. The Form report (image to the right) is used for creating and editing actions.