Portals tabs contain many options for settings up reports prior to adding the objects to actual reports. The portal tabs also contain the Distribution page, where you can define the settings to publish your project. The term “Distributed” was used in earlier versions and changed to “Published”. You can also add, edit, and publish reports directly from report Preview mode. 

Here we see the Portals tab page

Both the old Portal tabs and Distribution page are still available for now but we recommend using this page as the old pages will be retired eventually.

Here we see how the old pages now are shown in the submenu.


Tip 1; use the context menu on right-click to insert a new report before or after an existing report.

This image shows the context menu.



Tip 2; the “Add new report” button beside the Save button can be used as a dropdown list by clicking the arrow or as a link to a popup page from where you select which report to be added by clicking the “Add new report” label

The dropdown list option:



Here we see the popup page for report creation:



Tip 3; The Portals tab page is also available from report preview which means that you don’t need to go back to administration mode to add new reports, rename reports, etc. during report setup. Click the Portals tab button at the top of the page to enter it.

Here we see how to enter the Portal tabs page from preview mode.