All project settings administration tasks are combined into a Project settings page. Functions that can be found in the Project settings page are: 

  • Project Details, 
  • the old Project Settings, 
  • Language administration, 
  • Color templates, 
  • Word Cloud Exclusion,
  • Project Shortcuts pages. 

The Project Settings page is located bellow the Project settings shortcut, as shown in the image below:

The Project settings page is divided into multiple sub-pages, most used settings come first, and less used settings in the bottom, here you see an overview of all the sub-pages in the new Project settings page.

Performance: here you find the performance-related settings such as in-memory and caching updates and filter loading logic in for example the StoryTeller.

Hierarchical and Optional filters: shows the hierarchical and optional filter settings.

Layouts and Formats: used for layout and format related settings such as decimal and thousand separators, date formatting, and the theme selection which previously was located in the old Project details page. 

The Color templates and Language administration is also found in this menu.

Calculation and Results: this shows calculation related settings such as a number of decimals to be used in sorting, benchmarking, and ranking. 

The Word cloud exclusion list which previously was a separate page in the main navigation menu is also shown here.

Note; The “Chart series rendering” setting is located in the section under the name “Chart series precision”.

Exports: contains all the export of reports related settings 

Access rights: shows access related settings, like apply access to Filters

Events and Forms: Events and Forms related settings

Custom code: update and maintain JavaScript and CSS

Email sender address: set the default email sender address setting

Project name and location: here you update the project name and the project location (folders), these settings were previously located on the old Project details page.

Security: here you apply the “Infinite time out for reports” setting, in this new page it is renamed to “Do not apply session inactivity time out for reports”

Linked projects: here you set up links between projects. Linked projects where previously a separate page named Project shortcuts, in the main navigation menu.

Note: The “Legacy settings” section in the old Project settings page is not available in the new Project settings page, if you need to change these settings use the old Project settings page. When the old Project settings page is retired in the future contact support if any change is needed.

This is the old legacy settings that are not available on the new Project settings page


Note 2:  As shown below all the old pages are still available in the sub-menu for now but these will soon be retired and removed from the system. How to access the old pages:


Find more information about these details here please check the links: