Users accessing the system via Single Sign on have always also been able to  access the system via the login page (i.e. with a password)  but now you can specify, on a user level, what login method the user should have access to (SSO or both SSO and Login page). By not allowing the user to use a password when there is an SSO solution implemented, it prevents the possibility that the user circumvents SSO authentication by using a password after leaving the organization. The login method selections can be applied to both Report users and Administrator users. 

Note 1: all existing users created before support for limiting login methods was released have both methods enabled (Login page and SSO)

Note 2: a newly created user has by default both methods (login page and SSO) enabled.

Note 3: A Report user with access to create new Report Users, via the Report user management report, does not have access to set login method. The login method of the logged in Report user is applied automatically to the newly created user. 



The option for limiting login methods is located in the User Details section when creating and editing users. The methods can also be set via the Excel uploads of users. 

Here we see the new setting for limiting login methods. 


Here we see the two the new columns, F and G, in the Excel file used to bulk upload users.

Note: if you upload the excel and leave this Login page option empty, people won't have access.