The workbook logic is not enabled by default in the Cross Table tool, you enable the Workbook logic in same panel as you previously enabled the Favorite function as shown below. 

Here we see where to enable the Workbook functionality in a Cross Table tool report.


Note 1, if the Cross Table tool contains saved Favorites and Workbook logic is applied instead each saved Favorite will be converted into a Workbook with a single sheet.  It is not possible to go from using Workbooks to using Favorites as Workbooks cannot be converted to Favorites. If you have a need to use Favorites instead of Workbooks you must first manually delete all saved Workbooks. 

Note 2: When the new Workbook logic is applied the “Setup” option is moved from the top right corner of the Cross Table tool to the bottom of the Workbook and sheet panel, see below. 

Here we see where the Cross Table tool setup option is positioned when using workbooks.