In the Workbooks panel you can save, load, share and export the workbooks you build. 

Here we see an overview of the Workbook panel.



Save Workbook

To save your workbook a use the “Save as” button in the Workbook panel. In the popup panel you enter the name and a description of the workbook, the description is optional. You can also select if the workbook should be loaded by default when you next time enter the same Cross Table tool report.

Here we see the Save Workbook panel.


Tip: If you are working in an already saved workbook, or have opened an existing one, and want to save the latest changes use the “Save” button instead of “Save as”, it saves the workbook in the same name automatically.

Note, if the Cross Table tool contains a hierarchical filter the selected nodes are saved on each sheet which is a difference compared to Favorites. When saving a Favorite the selected nodes are not saved. 

Open a saved Workbooks

To open an existing workbook click the Open option in the Workbook panel. In the popup panel you will see your own workbooks, to load any of these reports click the name of the one to be opened.

Here we see the Open panel, just click the deck to be loaded.


Delete a Workbook

A workbook can be deleted from the workbook overview panel. You reach this panel by clicking the first option named Workbooks in the Workbooks panel. In the appearing popup panel the delete option is shown to the most right.

Here we see how to delete a workbook.




The current open workbook can be exported to Excel from the Workbook panel.

To make an export click the Export option in the Workbook panel and select export option. Either you export all the sheets or just the selected sheets. You can also select if all the sheets online should be exported as separate sheets or if all sheets online should be merged into single sheet in the exported Excel file.  

Here we see the export button, click this button to open the export panel.


Share a workbook

If sharing is allowed the sharing of workbooks are made via the Sharing option in the Workbook panel. Sharing of Workbooks works in the same way as sharing Favorites which means that you can share to all users or selected users.  

When sharing a workbook to all users only the users with access to all the items (Hierarchical filters, Filters and Variable subsets) in the Workbook can see and load the shared Favorite.
 When sharing a Favorite to selected users you can only share to users with access to all the items in the shared Workbook.

Here we see the sharing option to the left and sharing panel to the right.


To open a Workbook shared by another user enter the Workbook panel and the second sheet which lists all the workbooks shared by other users. An Administrator user will see all the saved Workbooks in this list, even the non-shared workbooks. 

Here we see how load a shared workbook.