A “Workbooks and sheets” concept has been introduced in the Cross Table tool which is much like the existing decks and slides in the StoryCreator. This allows you to create a set of tables (sheets) and save these as a workbook. The workbook can be exported to Excel or shared with other users. The new workbook functionality improves efficiency when bulk creating tables, as sheets can be duplicated, reordered, etc. All sheets in a workbook can be exported to an Excel file. 

The new Workbooks and sheets and sheet functionality seen here on the left


Note 1: The Workbook logic cannot be used in combination with the Favorites feature, so you must select whether you will use Workbooks or Favorites in your Cross Table tool report. 

Note 2: if the Cross Table tool contains a hierarchical filter, the selected nodes are saved on each sheet which is a different behavior compared to Favorites. When saving a Favorite the selected hierarchical filter nodes are not saved, so if you have a need for saving the Hierarchical filter nodes as a part of the Favorite it is recommended to start using the Workbook concept instead.


Workbooks from the end-user perspective

In a CrossTable tool with Workbook logic applied, the new Workbook and sheet panel is shown on the left-hand side of the screen. At the top of the panel you manage the workbooks and in the bottom the sheets. 

The new Workbooks and sheet panel


Sheet panel

The Sheet panel displays all the sheets in the current workbook and here you can add new sheets, rearrange the sheets by drag and drop, duplicate sheets, delete sheets, etc. As shown in the image below a context menu appears on right click, which includes in the same options as shown in the top of the Sheet panel.

Here we see the Sheet panel and the context menu appearing on right click.

Table of contents in Excel exports

A table of contents sheet, with clickable links, is included in Excel exports from the Cross Table tool which makes it easier to find and navigate in exported Workbooks with many sheets. The table of contents sheet is included in the exports when two or more sheets are present, if the downloaded Excel file contains a single sheet only the table of contents sheet is not added.

Example of table of content in Excel export.