In setups where StoryTeller report contains a hierarchical filter option exists to specify slides to be excluded (hidden) for certain units. In the following text two typical use case scenarios help to illustrate setup logic and application.  

For projects having multi country elements such as country specific questions that are not be reported across all countries. With the exclude slides functionality creating country specific slides in the “main” report which only appears when a certain country is selected by the user is easy and quick.

Another example where data sensitivity plays a major role are EX surveys with extra sensitive questions about bullying, various harassment types etc. should only be reported for higher level units only. With this functionality incorporating these questions in separate slides of the main report, making sure these slides are displayed with security in mind via hierarchy is desirable. 

Note: Excluded slides are excluded from view online as well as from all types of exports (PPT, PDF, Excel and Print).


The function for hiding slides is located in the Filter & Settings tab in the StoryTeller setup view as shown below. Option appears only if the project contains a hierarchical filter.


Below you see the Exclude slides panel and below the image you see how to work in it.

The basic work flow in the Exclude slides panel:

  • Enter Exclude slides by Hierarchical Filters panel
  • Select the slide to be hidden in the top drop down list
  • Select “Exclude” or “Include”
  • If “Exclude” is selected the units selected in next step are excluded from slide, all other units are include slide in the report 
  • If “Include” is selected the units selected in next step include this slide while all other units are excluded.
  • Select the units to be affected by either selecting levels in the tree, branches in the tree or a custom selection. 

It is also possible to group slides for a more effective setup and do bulk edits via Excel download/upload process which you can read more about in this article.

Note: The rules follow the slide Id’s and not to the slide numbers, if slides are rearranged after the exclusion rules were specified the rules will point to the same slides, not the slide numbers.

Group slides

Having same set of exclusion rules can be applied to multiple slides, group these slides and apply the rules without having to do so individually saving time.

To group, select the slides and click “Group selected slides”. Popup window displaying group is then shown in the slide selection list. Same set of rules can then be applied to all slides in the newly created group. See image below.

Grouped slides appear in the drop down menu as seen in the image.

To ungroup slides use the Group slides panel, select the group and click Ungroup slides option. 

Note:  Rules previously applied to the group remain applied to individual slides after ungrouping.

Adding new slides to existing group, simply enter Groups slides panel, select targeted group add the new slide and click “Group selected slides”.

Bulk edits via Excel download/upload process

Every slide having the custom unit selection applied can be bulk edited via an Excel download/upload process. Slides having any of the options to hide levels or branches, cannot be bulk edited via the Excel process, these slides are not included in the Excel file for bulk edits.

 To edit the settings via the Excel file use the following:

  • Enter the “Bulk edit” view  
  • Download the Excel template
  • Specify if the unit should be excluded/included

Having done this, the next step is uploading, as demonstrated with image below.

Having a look at the Excel file, the slides with custom unit selection are shown in column E and onward.