Deleting questions and answers that were added to project via a data import, is easy and helpful way to correct uploaded data in cases where, for example, a variable was uploaded with the wrong type. It is also recommended to delete non used variables, such as “system variables” from data collection platforms, to reduce data volumes and to increase usability when setting up the reports as fewer variables appear in the variable selection views. 

Well maintained data can ease the use of reports, as well as speed things along when building them.

You can delete the questions and answers from the Questions page, to do so questions are removed via the delete option in the question list. Similarly answers are removed via the delete option in the Answer block view. Below is visual demonstration of deleting questions.


Here we demonstrate deleting answers shown in image below.

Important to note that, question/answers can only be deleted if they are not currently in use. Attempting to delete a question/answer that is in use will prompt an informational message displaying where and how it is used within the project. In variable dense projects this helps you to locate and remove the question/answer from these items before it can be deleted.

For situations in which there is uncertainty if the question/answer is used, we recommend going through “usage report” before trying to delete a question. This will provide a list of all items where the question/answer is being used. The usage report is available in the questions page in the question list and in the answer block view.

Consideration before deciding to deleting a question/answer to have is the fact that with this action, both the meta data and the case data is being deleted from ALL imported data sets including the ones that are currently activated or deactivated, this action CANNOT be undone.