Code Samples

We have some code samples to make getting going with implementing your API client easier.

Both programs demonstrate:

Getting the token

Getting the tags in the project

Adding a new tag

Deleting a tag

Importing JSON 

Importing CSV

Listing the batches

Deleting a batch

Activating a batch

Getting Activation history

The code in both assumes a fresh project.

C# Code Sample

Full code is available here

The sample uses .Net framework v4.7.2

The sample should be used in Visual Studio, step through the code to see the operations. There is no output from the application.

The arguments to be supplied are server, project id, username and password

Python Code Sample

Full code sample here 

This sample has the same functions as the c# sample. It also takes the arguments for server, project id, username and password.

As stated the code assumes a fresh project, if you want to work with an existing project you would change the batch id's referenced:

# delete imported batches
delete_batches_payload = models.DeleteBatchesInput(batches_to_delete=[1,2])
response = client.import_model.delete_batches(delete_batches_payload, project_id, headers)

# activate/deactivate batches
activate_batches_payload = models.ActivateInput(ids_to_activate=[1,2], ids_to_deactivate=[3,4])
response = client.activation.activate(activate_batches_payload, project_id, headers)

The code is assuming here there are batches 1,2,3 and 4 in the test project.