The Favorite sharing is improved, previously a shared Favorite was shared to all user but now you can specify to share the Favorite with some selected users only. 

Here we see an example of when the user can share to either all users or to individual users, this specific Favorite has been shared with two users. 




Sharing a Favorite to individual users

In  a Cross Table tool having sharing to all users and to individual users enabled the user has two sharing options as shown below, share to all users or share to selected users.

When sharing a Favorite  to individual users you select the  users by clicking the “Add/Remove users…” link  and in the appearing popup panel you select the users to share with. The user list contains all users in the project with access to the current Cross Table tool report. Though, if Variable subsets are used the user list contains the users with access to the Variable subset that the shared table is based on.

Here we see option to share to selected users instead of sharing to all users. You select the desired users in the panel appearing when clicking “Add/remove users…”

To change share status of an already saved Favorite you either load the Favorite, change the sharing option and save it in the same name or you use the “Edit sharing” option in the “Your Favorites” panel.

Here we see how you can change the sharing setting of a Favorite via the “Edit sharing” option in the “Your Favorites” panel.


Note: Sharing to individual users is not enabled by default in either existing or newly created Cross table tool reports. Though, you as an Administrator user can always share to both all users or to individual users as soon as sharing is allowed even if, for instance, the users themselves can share to all users only.