You can apply ranking to tables in StoryCreator, the ranking function works in same way as in the StoryTeller tables which means that the ranking can be done across rows or columns and you can specify to show the rank numbers only, or together with the “original” result. Additionally ranking direction can be used to choose if the results should be shown from "High to low" or "Low to high"  Click here to read more details on ranking logic in Dapresy. 

Here we see a ranking example in the StoryCreator in table to the right. 

The ranking setting can be found at the bottom of the Apply Analysis panel as shown below. 

Here we see the ranking direction setting in the StoryCreator.

Improved sorting, sort on other objects

A table or a chart in a saved StoryCreator deck can now be sorted by another table/chart in the same deck. See an example below where the two tables to the right are sorted by the chart to the left.

The sorting of the series is specified by Sorting panel in Series Settings, see image below. To sort an object (chart or table) on another object select the new option “By other chart/table” and the object Id of the object to sort on.

Note the following rules:

  • Only a saved chart/table can be used as source, if a chart/table is missing in the list save the deck first.
  • Sorting by other object is based on a match on the text. Axis/row labels in source object must match the axis/row labels in the current object. Items without matching text is positioned last.