At the top of the Data Cleaning/Recoding page, you will see that we have the option to clean data for ALL variables or for SELECTED variables:

Data cleaning will make the selected values, text strings, or answer IDs null. Here is how to clean your data for ALL variables depending on the type:

Numeric: Enter the numeric values to be cleaned. Multiple values should be separated by a comma:

Open Ended: Enter the text string to be cleaned within double quotes. Multiple strings should be separated by a comma:

Categorical: Enter the ID of the answers to be cleaned. Multiple IDs should be separated by a comma:

If you have multiple variables to which you would like to apply a cleaning rule, but you don't want to apply it to ALL variables, you can use "Apply CLEANING to selected variables" field. This uses the same formatting as shown in the images above, but you must first select the variables you wish to apply the cleaning to using the radio boxes in the "Select" column of the variable table. Then, type your cleaning rules and click "apply."

After you are done creating the cleaning rules, click "Save data cleaning" at the top of the page. Then, use the "Reactivate data" button to reactivate data. (Reactivation can also be done in the Activate Data page.)

The cleaning rules will be saved and applied to data imported in the future just like the recoding rules. If you need to remove any data cleaning rules:

1. Delete the previously saved rules

2. Save the data cleaning

3. In the "activate data" page, inactivate your datasets

4. Reactivate all previously active datasets once again