The purpose of Templates are to make the Cross Table Tool more user-friendly and efficient for report users. Templates are created by administrators, and they are very similar to the Favorites. The main difference is their appearance. A Template can store default settings, default questions and default filters, but it can only store settings which are different from the Favorites.

Report User View

Users will see the Templates as the first option in the ‘Row and Column’ tab. The user can then create a table from scratch or select a pre-defined template. Templates can range from a simple “Trend” Template which has the Interval Month as a split, to a more advanced Template that contains specific time periods, variable subsets, benchmark settings and cell formatting settings, etc.


When the user selects a Template, then all current settings will be replaced with all settings in the Template. Depending on the setup, a specific Template can be loaded by default when the user enters the Cross Table Tool. If no Template is set to default, then the regular default settings are loaded by default. If Templates are used in the Cross Table Tool together with Variable Subsets, then the users will only have access to the Templates which are connected to the Variable Subsets they have access to.

Example: User A only has access to Variable Subset A. A template that has been created by the administrator is connected to Variable Subset B. In this case user A will not see this Template.

Step by step


The administrator sets up the Templates. It is very similar to creating a Favorite. The panels  Save New Template and Template are only shown for the administrators, not for the report users. To create a new Template: 

      1. Choose the desired settings, and select questions, splits and filters.

      2. Enter the “Save New Template” panel.

      3. Enter the Name and a Description.

      4. If the template will be loaded by default, then tick the setting “Set as default template.” 

      5. Press Save to Save the Template.




All existing Templates are shown in the Template panel. In this panel, you can delete and edit a Template. To edit a Temple, follow these easy steps:

       1. Enter the “Template” panel. 

       2. Load the Template you want to edit

       3. Change the settings you want

       4. Save the Template with the same name




If you want to create a Template which has (for example) Count, Mean and Percentage Shares as default calculation types but you don’t want to have any Questions in the Template, then follow these steps: 


1. Add a Question to the table

2.Select the calculation types: Count, Mean and Percentage Share

3. Remove the Question from the table

4. Save the Template


When the users use the Templates and add a categorical question, then the Count, Mean and Percentage Share calculations will be selected by default.This same approach can be used for other settings that are only shown when a question has been added to the table.

Choosing a template sheet directly when adding a new sheet to the workbook, previously you first had to add a new blank sheet and then apply a template.

Like before a template can also be applied to an already existing sheet via the dropdown list shown in the image below

Note: Administrators can see, edit & delete all the Templates in a project. This is different from Favorites, as those are always personal.