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You can, on a user level, specify a From and To date to limit project access to a pre-defined date window. If the current date is outside the specified From and To date the user will not have access to the project. The user is still kept in the project but treated as inactive. The From and To dates are optional and do not need to be defined if not required.

The From and To dates are set per user in the Create/Edit user pages or bulk updated with the Excel upload function. The date settings are also available in the Report User management report, both in the online view and in the Excel upload function. 

Note, the date check is done on server side meaning that the local server date time is used for evaluating if the user should have access to the project or not.

Set up

The From and To dates are optional and must be enabled to be applied. To specify a From and To date limit you first have to enable the “Set dates for project access”, after that you can specify the desired dates as show in the image below. You can leave one of the dates field blank if no “From” or no “To” date limit should be applied.

Here we see how to limit the project access by specifying a From and To date for project access. 

Here we see the Excel file for uploading Report users. The new From and to Date settings are present in column G and H. In this example user 1, 3 and 4 have no date limitations, user 2 will have access to the project from 2020-06-01 to 2021-06-01 and user 5 has access from 2020-06-01. All dates are inclusive.