A “two layer” base size logic has also been implemented which means that a question must fulfil both the limit specified on the current question a referenced question. 

Example: Index A should be shown only if the base is s minimum 30 respondents and if the base of Index B is minimum 100 respondents, if both these limits are not fulfilled the Index A should not be shown.    

To setup a Two layer base size rule the question code of the second question to be referenced is inserted in the limit field as shown in the example below.

Here we see an example of a two layer base size rule, with this setup the Index A will be shown only if the base size of the Index A is minimum 30 and the base size of Index B is minimum 100.


Note 1, the referenced question must not be shown in the chart/table together with the current question, In the example above it is enough to show Index A in a chart/table, the base size of index B will still be calculated and evaluated even if Index B is not shown in the chart/table.

Note 2, a numeric question can reference another numeric question only and a categorical question can reference another categorical question only.