The question level base warning and base suppression limits are defined in the Questions page. Each question has two sets of Warning limits and two sets of Suppression limits. When setting up an object in StoryTeller, Story Creator or the Cross table tool you can then select if any of these sets or if a “custom” limit should be applied (custom limit= a limit specified per object, this is the previous supported logic).

In the Question page the base size warning and suppression sets are hidden by default but can be turned on in the column panel as shown below.

Here we see the new columns in the column panel. 


Here we see an example when the Base size suppression set 1 and Base size warning set 1 columns have been enabled, the base warning limits have been set to 100 and the base suppression limit to 30. 

Tip 1, either you enter the limit question by question directly in the grid or you select multiple questions and bulk set the limits via the context menu as shown below.

Here we see the bulk update option which is applied to all selected questions.


Tip 2: The names of the Base size warning and suppression sets are shown in the StoryTeller, StoryCreator and the Cross table tool interface (see details in the following chapters) so these named can be edited in order to make the names relevant for the users. As an example, the Base size suppression set 1 can be renamed to “Hide result with base < 30” if the base size limit has been set to 30. In the edit panel you can also specify a default value to be set on all newly added questions in the project (newly imported questions or new computed variables etc.)

Here we see the Edit panel used to rename the sets and to set a default value to be applied on newly added questions.