Dapresy supports a Z-test, a T-Test and a norm/population test. Below you can find all details regarding the Z-Test.

Dapresy uses Z-test for significance testing of 2 independent samples. The test can be used for comparing categorical means or categorical proportions.

Null hypothesis used is:

?1 − ?2 = 0 (compare proportions)


?1 − ?2 = 0 (compare means)

Test function used is:



  • The compares samples must be independent
  • When comparing proportions each sample size must fulfil the restriction:


  • Distributions of tested variable is unknown.
  • The size of total population is infinitive. (? = ∞)
  • The samples are drawn randomly where all respondents have the same probability of being selected.

NOTE: If the object is showing unweighted data, the Sig Test will be unweighted. But if the object is using weighted data, we have 4 different versions of the test.

  • Weighted

All ingoing values in the formula are calculated with the selected weight.

  • Weighted – effective base Effective base = the squared sum of weights divided by the sum of squared weights

  • Unweighted – Option A 

All values in the denominator in the formula are unweighted. (Yellow marked)

  • Unweighted – Option B Only the base (n) in the denominator are unweighted.