Process Flow

The data integration process works as follows:







Setup Integration

To setup a data source adapter, you must complete the following tasks:

Access Data Integration UI

To access Data Integration UI in Dapresy, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Log into Dapresy 
  2. Enter the Data tab from the main menu 
  3. Click on the arrow under Import Data, then select Schedule imports from the dropdown menu



With this action Data Integration UI will open

Below we will describe all the mandatory settings/steps. All optional settings can be different per integration type and will be described here.

Create Data Adapter Instance

Your first Data Adapter is automatically created when you access Import Scheduler UI for the first time. This screen contains all of the setup controls for the new data adapter instance. Some of these parameters are mandatory, and some are optional.

When you access this screen for the first time, you need to enter the Schedule name and check the Active checkbox.

After the first Data Adapter has been created, then you can create another Data Adapter for the same project with different configurations. To create a new Data Adapter, just click the ‘Create new’ button on Import scheduler UI.

The import schedule configuration form will be cleared for new parameters and configurations. Also, if you need to delete a Data Adapter, simply select the Data Adapter you would like to delete from the Selected import schedule dropdown list and then click the ‘Delete selected’ button.


Set Data Import Scheduler

You can schedule every Import Scheduler job to be triggered just once or to be repeated based on one of the following schedules:

  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

You can select the schedule type from the ‘Import type’ dropdown menu on the Import scheduler UI.

NOTE: When the ‘Run import on save’ checkbox is selected, then the import job will be triggered immediately after the Save button has been clicked. Scheduled jobs will also be saved for the time that you select.

Access to projects

How to get access to projects can slightly differ per third party. In general you can get access with an api token or username password.  Review here how to set this up per platform you are using.

link to Confirmit link to SurveyGizmolink to FocusVision

After you have your base url, api token or the right username and password which has access rights to the api, you can select the right data source. 

  1. Select the desired survey. This will fill in the Survey Id field 

After completing these steps, the Data Adapter is configured and ready to use. The last step is to click ‘Save at the end of the Import scheduler UI.