A new page for setting up Hierarchical filter connections to Variable subsets has been implemented with the purpose to replace the existing page with a great new user experience. The new page is much more efficient to work in and an Excel download/upload process is also supported when there is an exceptionally large number of nodes or Variable subsets to be mapped. 

The new page is in beta stage, all administrator users will get access to the new page in the next release following this one. If you would like to use the new page already now, send an email to support@dapresy.com and they will give you access to the new page. 

The new page is currently a sub page to the old page in the navigation menu as shown in the image below. The concept of the page is the same as before meaning you connect one or several Variable subsets to each hierarchical filter node, you can also set a Variable subset to be default selected. 

Here we see the new page.



Setup via user interface

To setup the connections between Hierarchical filter nodes and Variable subsets, via the user interface, do the following:

  1. Select the node in the hierarchical filter tree
  2. Select the subsets to be connected by ticking “Connect” or “Selected by default” in the grid to the right
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for all the nodes to be connected to Variable subsets
  4. Save


Tip 1, the Hierarchical filters can be shown in either a tree view or as a list view as shown in the images below. When using the list view you can also select if the nodes should be sorted by level or by branch.  

Here we see an example of the tree view to the left and an example the list view to the right.


Tip 2, if multiple hierarchical filter nodes should be connected to the same Variable subsets you can enable the multi selection support in the hierarchical filter selection. Though, use this option with care as it is easy to overwrite wrong nodes if you forget to untick all the nodes when you are going to select a new set of nodes. 

Here we see how multiple selection has been enabled, the option to enable multiple selections is present in top right corner in the image below. 


Tip 3, you can right click in the Variable subset grid to get a context menu from where you can apply bulk updates, the selected option is applied to all selected Variable subsets.

Here we see the context menu used to apply same setting to all selected Variable subsets.


Setup via Excel download/upload

To make new connections, or edit existing connections, in an Excel file:

  1. Enter the “Bulk edit” view  
  2. Download the Excel template
  3. Edit the connections in the Excel file
    1. Upload the file


Here we see the downloaded Excel file. For each hierarchical filter node you specify which Variable subsets to be connected and if any Variable subset should be selected by default.