A “usage report” is available where you can see all places a question/answer is used in a project. The usage report is available in the Questions page via a new column named Usage report, the column is hidden by default, so you need to enable the column to enter the usage report of a question/answer. 

Here we see the new Usage report column, it is available in both the Question list and in the Answer block list. 



Here we see a typical example of a usage report, as shown the question Gender is used as Filter, in a few StoryTeller  objects and in the expression of a computed variable

In the questions page you can also open the Usage report from the context menu (appearing on right click):

Note: Report name refers to the name which is the level name which appears in the report when opening the Storyteller report: this name can be different from your portal tab name, because this name won't update after changing the portal tab report name.