When specifying which hierarchical filter nodes to be shown in a StoryTeller  report there are quick options such as “all nodes”, “all nodes in specified levels” etc. which is effective to use when applicable. In cases where the quick options cannot be used you must manually select which nodes to be shown which can be time consuming and error prone in bigger projects. 

For better efficiency, you can make those definition in an Excel file which is then uploaded to the system. 

The option for downloading an Excel template and loading it back is present in the StoryTeller Hierarchical filter setup page when the option “Show selected nodes” is used, see the image below. 

Here we see the option for bulk edits via Excel file.



Here we see the bulk upload view from where you download the Excel template and load it back again.


Here we see the Excel template, in column E you specify if the node should be shown or not in the current report.