You now move an object with drag and drop from any point in the object and not only from the position icon in top left corner. 

The icon in top left corner is used if you want to switch position of two objects. To switch position of two objects, drag the object from the “switch icon” and drop it above the object to be switched.

Here we see the icon in top left corner, drag from here if you want to switch position of two objects. If you want to move the object you can drag from any position in the object.



 Object alignment controls and object size controls are available in StoryCreator to help with object alignment.

The new controls are available in the context menu as shown in the image below.

Here we see the new alignment controls on the context menu.


Note: the object alignment controls are not shown if the context menu is opened by double clicking on a chart item, in those cases only relevant chart items appears in the context menu.

Here we see the limited context menu appearing on double click on chart, the alignment controls appear on right click only.