The following steps are followed to add a drilldown view to a data object in the StoryTeller :

  1. Add a new Drilldown report to your portal. This is done in the Portal tabs page, see image 1 below
  2. Define the content in the Drilldown report. As shown in image 2 below, the setup of the Drilldown report is nearly the identical to the StoryTeller setup.
  3. In the StoryTeller report that should link to the Drilldown report, enter the setup view of each object to be linked to the Drilldown report and create the link between the object and the Drilldown report in the Events tab, see image 3 below.


Image 1, here we see how a Drilldown report has been added to a project. A project can have multiple Drilldown reports, a Drilldown report can also have sub-reports like a StoryTeller report.



Image 2, here we see the setup of the Drilldown report. It is the same concept as setting up a StoryTeller report.


Image 3, here you see how you connect an object in a StoryTeller to a Drilldown report. Select the Drilldown report option in the Link target dropdown list and then the Drilldown report and slide to link to.
 Note, the “Drilldown” option is only shown if the project has a Drilldown report with saved content.


Access rights

The Drilldown report uses the same access right logic as the Forms report which means that you do not set access right to the Drilldown report itself. The Report users get automatically access to the Drilldown reports if they have access to the relevant StoryTeller linking to the Drilldown report. 

Note, the Drilldown report will always display the respondents behind the clicked data point. Hence to support that, do not apply Drilldown links to StoryTeller objects showing data which might potentially be outside the users’ applicable access rights. 

Example: in a StoryTeller report the Hierarchical filter is used to set access rights and to filter the dashboards. The example chart below shows “Selected node” and “one level up”. If a user now has access to Team blue only, the user will anyway be able to see the respondent details behind Unit A1 (the node one level up) if the chart is linked to a Drilldown report. In these use cases you either need to not apply the drilldown capability in the chart or setup two charts instead of one (one for “selected node” and one for “one level up”) and apply the drilldown capability to the chart showing the “selected node” only.

Example chart showing selected node (Team blue) and one level up (Unit A1)