You can search in the Hierarchical filter tree which makes it easy to find nodes.

Here we see the new search function at the top of the panel, in the left image we see the full tree and in the right the result when searching for Stockholm.




Order hierarchical filter nodes by branch or level

When displaying multiple hierarchical filter nodes, in columns or rows, you can now specify if these will be ordered by branch or by level, previously these were always ordered by levels.

The new sorting setting in the hierarchical filter selection panel in the Columns and Rows tab.

Below we see an example of each sorting option. The countries and cities are all part of the hierarchical structure, in the top table these are sorted by level and in the bottom table by branch.

Sorted by level so countries are grouped and cities are grouped.

Sorted by branch so the cities within Denmark comes before Sweden.



Quick selection in hierarchical filter tree

New “quick” selection option can now be used to select multiple hierarchical filter nodes more efficient, as an example you can now auto-select all child nodes to the selected node, all siblings to the selected node, all nodes X levels down from the selected node etc. This saves a lot of time as you don’t need to select all the desired nodes manually. 

Here we see the new quick options, as shown a tooltip is shown to each option which explains what will be selected when the quick option is used. 

Note, the access rights are always considered, only the nodes the user has access to are selected and displayed in the table.

Display upper-level hierarchy labels in column headers

hierarchical filter structure the labels of the upper-level units can be displayed in a nested structure when the hierarchy is used as splits. By displaying upper-level unit names information about where in the organization each unit is located can be seen. Below we is an example where the region belonging of each store is displayed in a nested structure.

The upper-level unit names can only be displayed in tables showing result for units from the same level, like in the example above where the table shows result for all the stores. If the table shows result for both regions and stores, like below, the upper-level unit names cannot be shown in nested structure as these are shown as separate columns.

To display the upper-level units tick any of the options highlighted in the image below which shows the Hierarchical filter splits panel. 

The option “Nest selected group(s) + all levels above“ adds the labels of all upper level units.

By using the option “Nest selected group(s) + X levels above” you select number of upper-levels to be displayed.