This Article will show the user how they are able to change the Titles of their Export from Dapresy.

By default, Dapresy names all your exports using two parameters seen below. 

Consisting of Report name which is assigned once you create the reports. 

If the user wishes to name the exports using some other logic its very easy to do so in Dapresy, and it consists of the following steps.

-Step 1: 

Load the project and try exporting, you will notice the default naming.

-Step 2:

To have it changed click on "Change Storyteller" as indicated in the image below.

In the "Edit Report" segment make sure the new name is typed, renamed and saved.

-Step 3:

Try exporting functionality to notice the change. You will see that exported file is named differently from the tab it was named after before, indicated in the image below.