Filtering by Question blocks, is also a very useful way to quickly reach and express your data. Selection of Question blocks is possible in Question list by one or multiple Question blocks, the Question block selection list is located just above the Question selection list as shown in the image below.

Here we see an example of the Question block filtering, the Awareness block has been selected so awareness related questions are listed only in the Question selection list.

If the StoryCreator contains variable subsets, used to limit the content in the question and answer lists the Variable subset selection list appears to the left of the question and answer selections as shown in the image below. The logged in user sees only the Variable subsets he/she has access to. If the user has access to one (1) variable subset only, or if the StoryCreator contains one Variable subset only, this control is hidden but the only Variable subset is still applied and is filtering the content in the question and answer lists.

Here we see a StoryCreator with the Variable subsets selection list present.

Note: Variable subsets are not filtering the content in the Filter tab. For limiting filter options, per user, apply “access to filters” in project settings page and give the users relevant access rights.


Tip 1: You can resize the panel by drag and drop via the handles highlighted in the image below, as an example you can make the panel higher to see more questions/answers without having to scroll, you can also make the answer selection box wider to see longer answer texts.

Here we see an example, the panel has been made higher and the answer box more wide compared to the default view.

Tip 2: If you are aware of the question and answer codes in the questionnaire you can display these codes in the question and answer selection lists, by ticking the Show code option, to make it easier to find the relevant items.

Here we see an example of displayed question and answer codes. 

Tip 3: Use the search fields above the Questions and Answers selection lists to find the desired items faster.