Using StoryCreator objects and templates to their full potential

In a StoryCreator,  3 options of objects can be used to achieve desired visual goal in representing data:

  • Chart
  • Table  
  • Text

As soon as you select an object (Chart) a window comes into view in which the question selection can be made, as seen in the image below.

It is noticeable how the questions are neatly organised, in two main categories. Categorical and Numerical, each with its own specific sub options like percentage share, mean, count etc.... this is another thoughtful way StoryCreator makes work easy.

Selecting one or the other category and their sub options will automatically bring to front the kind of questions that will not go against logic of preferred selection. 

Selecting multiple questions and/or answers, is achieved by pressing down on control (CTRL) button and mouse click on preferred options.

Press "Calculate result" to process the data and arrange the visuals.

The image below is the result in StoryCreator. It is simple, quick and easy. The following articles will demonstrate how to further adjust charts, tables and texts in order to pack more impact into stories being envisioned, by creating perfect series of slides.

Following the same logic but choosing a table object this time, same data is represented like before, however this time in tabular form like seen below in new slide, this can be helpful in some circumstances.

Text Objects can be useful to make projects more understandable using explanation, descriptions, instructions etc.