Having created first slides in StoryCreator, Saving and exporting is essential for Projects

Saving your work is simple with StoryCreator. It is done by simply saving a "deck", the few steps below will ensure that ideas worked on are available for refinement at a later time. 

Step 1 : Click on "Save as"

Step 2 and 3 : Choose the name and description for the Story, then press "Save"

Notice that the deck name has changed, and also by pressing on the deck icon the list of all the decks made by User will be stored, this is perfect for continuing to work on some of the slides or simply exporting once done. 

Exporting the Story

Dapresy will support 3 basic kinds of export format:




By visiting setup, available export formats can be selected they can all be listed simultaneously or restricted depending on the needs. 

Any of the options selected below will appear as in export section. 

Notice that PowerPoint Template can be uploaded, consisting of minimum 3 slides into StoryCreator and used as regular StoryCreator Export option, just another way Dapresy has made it easy to personalize the product to your needs. 

In case there is a desire to personalize the PPT export by adding User created template, we suggest the following.