You can manage your questions, labels, colors, answers and filtering on the Variables page.

Question settings

In the image below you see the Questions grid which is the main view of the new Questions page, below the image you can read more about the settings and features.

Here we see the Question grid.

Above the Question grid, in the top right corner, you can open the Column panel used to select which columns to be displayed in the grid. The order of the columns can also be rearranged by drag and drop in the column panel.

Here we see the column panel in top right corner


The following columns can be displayed in the Question grid:

  • Order: displays the question sort order. The order can be updated by editing the sort order value or by drag and drop
  • Code: displays the question code, the code is not editable as it is used by the system to identify the question.
  • Text: displays the question text
  • #Characters: displays number of characters in the question text
  • Type: displays the question type. The question type can be changed if the selected question is a categorical single choice question as you change between scale and non-scale
  • Color: displays the question color 
  • Answer block: displays the name of the connected answer block, by clicking the name the Answer block appears in a popup window
  • #Answers: displays number of answers in the Answer block, by clicking the value the Answer block appears in a popup window
  • Filter: used to set a question as a Filter
  • Filter text: displays the filter text
  • Filter order: displays the filter sort order
  • Question blocks: displays which question block the Question is included in, the column is not editable
  • Source: displays the source of the question, either the question is imported or created in the project as a computed variable, a merged variable or an index. 
  • Original source: displays the name of the data file where the question was included the first time 
  • Active: used to deactivate questions 
  • ID: displays the id of the question in the database, the id is not editable.

To edit any of the settings above you either change the settings directly in the grid or you use the top toolbar or the context menu (appearing on right click in the grid), see image below. By using the toolbar or the context menu you can apply bulk updates as these actions are applied to all selected questions, as an example you can select multiple questions and set all these to Filter questions with a single click.

Here we see the toolbar and the context menu.