In the the meta data transformation, you will have the ability to do some adjustments of your codebook or so called meta data. Some examples of what you can do during the meta data transformation are creating Dapresy mandatory variables, changing question types, define which variables belong to multiple choice questions or inactivate variables that you don't need to be imported.

In the image below you can see how to initiate MDT (Meta Data Transformation) of your data.


This action will lead you to a screen where you can do these type of actions. Click here for instructions how to do this:

Continue here when you have done your adjustments:

Once you have done your adjustments, you need to save your Meta Data Transformation that you have created. This allows us to save the manual work the next time we have identical file for upload.

And now we can use this transformation from a drop down menu. Since we have everything we need, we can go ahead use the   button.


After some processing time, we are prompted with confirmation as seen in the image below, we can quickly overview the data and continue by pressing