How to create first Story with Dapresy™ StoryCreator® 

After the basic steps, creating the project and importing the data successfully, the next logical step that can be taken is to create stories, by using imported data. For this purpose a tool StoryCreator® has been created.

In the project, clicking the tab "StoryCreator" located in the upper left like in the image below, opens the tool. 

StoryCreator and its 3 main parts

For simplicity StoryCreator has been divided into 3 main parts or areas where all of your work is being done.

  1. Area marked as 1 is called a "Deck". It contains all the slides of the Story that has been created, as well as options such as saving, opening, exporting and listing through other decks worked on previously. 
  2. In Area 2 the "Chart settings panel" User gets to play with all the options available to them to create the most suited slide for themselves.
  3. Area 3 "Slide area" is where initial objects are created, including 3 options:
  •  Chart
  •  Table 
  •  Text