How to create first project with Dapresy™ Essential Plan®

Dapresy Personal harnesses new visual appeals of simplicity and functionality. After successfully logging in, the browser takes us to a simple start page: 

The goal here is to create a first project, so this chapter will guide though the process. 

By clicking on the Buttona Project naming form prompts User.

Fill in the project name, and press Create.  

The following screen is the result of clicking New project.

Any projects created will become visible on the dashboard that was first seen right after the login. Notice how the newly created projects is listed, marked in the orange rectangle.

Few other things to notice, like Data points usage and search that were not present prior to project creation. 

For now the detailed explanation for these items await in the later chapters. 

Upon successfully creating new project, this chapter is concluded. 

In the next chapter, ways to import data into a new projects is being discussed.