You can upload a PowerPoint template, which can either be a true template (POT or POTX) or just a regular PowerPoint presentation (PPT or PPTX), to the StoryTeller to be used in exports instead of the template connected to the applied theme. The uploaded template can also be displayed online as a slide background.

Here we see an example of an uploaded PPT template displayed as slide background online. The blue background, at the top, and the Dapresy logo comes from the uploaded PPT template file.


To upload a template, enter the Layout settings and the Export format panel, in this panel you upload a template file by clicking the “Add new custom template” icon and then you select the template to be used.

Here we see the Layout settings link.

Here we see to the left how to upload a new template. After the upload you have to select the new template in the list of available templates, see image to the right below.

File format
An uploaded template can be in any of the following file formats: PPT, PPTX, POT, POTX

Slide format

It is highly recommended that the slide format of the uploaded template correlates with the slide size used in the report, e.g. if slide size of the report is in 16:9 the slide size in the uploaded template should also be in 16:9.

Cover page, template page and Last page

The template file should consist of a Cover page, a Template page used for rendering each slide and a Last page. The Last page is optional so the uploaded template can contain two or three slides. 

Text tokens

Text-tokens are used to insert text in the exported PowerPoint report. The following tokens can be used:

  • [Project name] – Name of the project
  • [Report] – Name of the report
  • [Date] – Export date
  • [Group name] – Hierarchical filter node

Note if you used the Slide Master function in powerpoint to create the template: the tokens shall not be inserted in the slide master, they should be inserted in the “normal” slide view. Below the Normal slide view mode in PowerPoint as an example to show in which view you should add the token.

Display PowerPoint template as slide background online

The second page in the PowerPoint template can be displayed online as a slide background. To display the template online enter the “Report format panel” and tick the option “Show PPT template as slide background”

Note: Text boxes in the second template slide are displayed online if they are added into the slide master used to create the template slide. In case you add the text in Normal view, the text from the text boxes added directly to slides will not be rendered online.

Here we see the option for displaying the second slide in the applied PPT template as a slide background online.