From the StoryCreator you can now export charts and tables, to PowerPoint, as either images or as editable objects. By exporting as editable objects you can then update the labels, colors, layout etc. of the charts and tables directly in the PowerPoint document which is not possible when exporting as images.

Below you see both these PPT export options in the export panel. You, as an Administrator, choose in the Setup which options to be available in the export panel, see second image below.

Here we see the two PowerPoint export options in the export panel.


Here we see how the Administrator chooses, in the Setup panel, which export types will be shown in the export panel.


Supported PowerPoint Versions
The export as editable charts and tables is supported in PowerPoint 2013 and later versions. It does work in earlier versions, such as 2010, but it is not guaranteed.  

Layout differences online vs PowerPoint
The charts and tables, exported as editable objects, will not have 100% the same layout in PowerPoint compared to the online appearance. In general, the layout in PowerPoint is closer to the online appearance the bigger the chart/table is. As an example a small size chart, with many items in the legend, tends to get a much bigger legend in PowerPoint compared to online which results in a smaller chart area.  

Below you see chart layout items which become precise in the export:

  • Position of chart/table in slide area
  • Chart type
  • Colors (series, texts, axis lines, gridlines, chart background etc.)
  • Font
  • Scale (if a min and max scale has been defined)
  • Data values (on/off, position and number of decimals)
  • Gridlines (on/off
  • Axis lines (on/off)
  • Unit labels


Below you see examples of layout items which might differ in the exported version.

  • Column and bar width
  • Legend size
  • Distance between scale steps
  • Scale (if an automatic scale is used)
  • Line thickness
  • Text wrapping and text rotation in axis
  • Legend size


Points and Pixels
Text size, thickness of gridlines and axis lines etc. are defined in pixels online but PowerPoint uses points. The defined text size online, in pixels, is translated to points automatically during the export but you should be aware that the text size value is not the same online and in PowerPoint due to the conversion from pixels to points and vice versa.