Support for custom fonts on the dashboard

Dapresy has the ability to add custom fonts to Dapresy Pro projects. Web fonts are widely used on the internet to provide better typographic design support. They allow for control over the appearance of web pages without the necessity to have the font installed on the users device. In order to use a web font it must have an appropriate licensing model. This must be explicit and allow for full use. If a font is freely available for download it does not mean it can automatically be used in our application. In nearly all instances any font that has a licensing requirement will not be suitable. In practical terms the only fonts Dapresy can use are those provided by Google, except where the company making the request has a full and universal right to use the font, for example if it has been specifically created for them. 

Support in Export 

The fonts will be correctly rendered with the screenshot export. If object by object export is used the report user will only see the font if it is installed locally for text objects. Charts will render with the font if it is installed on the export server.

A summary:

- To make the custom font available in the browser, this can be added to the theme (if this font is allowed to be used).

- To make the custom font available in the exports:

  • the font needs to be installed on our export server (which needs a restart to make it available)
  • custom code needs to be added to make it available as a selection to change the font for every text object
  • in all text objects, this font needs to be selected
  • every report user needs to have this font installed locally