In the Decks panel you can save and load the reports you build. From this panel you can also export your report deck to, for example, PPT or Excel.

Here we see an overview of the Decks panel.


Save Deck

To save your report as a new deck use the “Save as” button in the Deck panel. In the popup panel you enter the name and a description of the deck, the description is optional

Here we see the Save deck panel.


Tip: If you are working in an already saved deck, or have opened an existing deck, and want to save the latest changes use the “Save” button instead of “Save as”, it saves the deck in the same name automatically.

Open a saved deck

To open an existing deck click the Open option in the Deck panel. In the popup panel you will see your own decks, to load any of these reports click the name of the one to be opened.

Here we see the Open panel, just click the deck to be loaded.

Delete a deck

A deck can be deleted from the deck overview panel. You reach this panel by clicking the first option named Decks in the Decks panel. In the appearing popup panel the delete option appears when hovering over a deck as shown in the image below.

Here we see how to delete a deck.


Here we see Deck option in the Deck panel, click here to open an overview of all your decks, from here you can delete a deck but also load decks.


The current open deck can be exported to PPT, PDF and Excel from the deck panel.

When exporting to PPT the charts are exported as images but the text boxes are exported as native PowerPoint texts boxes so these will become editable in the PPT document.

When exporting to Excel the result table of each chart is exported only, no charts will be available in the Excel document.

To make an export click the Export option in the Deck panel and the Export panel appears. From the Export panel you start the export by clicking the appropriate generate option.  After clicking generate the report is generated in a background process so you can continue to work while waiting for the download link to appear. To download the report, after it has been generated successfully, either click in the notification message or open the export panel as the export panel contains download links to your previous exports.

Here we see the export button, click this button to open the export panel.

Here we see the export panel. In the top of the panel you start the document generation by selecting the appropriate type (PPT, PDF or Excel), in the bottom of the panel download links to the previous exports can be found.


Here we see the notification message appearing when the report is generated successfully and ready for download, click the message to download the file or download the file from the Export panel.


Save slides to My stories (not applicable for Dapresy Essential Plan)

If the project uses My stories, and if the user has access to the My Stories report, the user can save StoryCreator slides into My Stories in the same way as StoryTeller slides can be saved to My Stories. A story can contain a mix of slides from any StoryTeller and the StoryCreator.

To open the My stories panel click the My Stories link in the Deck panel.

Here we see where the link to My Stories appears if it is available in the project and if the user has access to it.


The My stories panel, used to save slides into a story, appears as a panel to the right in the same way as the My stories panel appears in the StoryTeller.

Here we see the My Stories panel in the StoryCreator.