In the Chart type area you select which chart type to visualize the result in. The chart types are divided into the following main groups:

  • Bars
  • Lines
  • Splines
  • Areas
  • Pies

Here we see the chart type selection list.


If the StoryCreator uses the “smart logic for recommending chart type”, chart types with a good fit to visualize the current data are highlighted with a green thumb up and the less suitable chart types are highlighted with a red thumbs down. The logic used to recommend chart types is based on the selected calculation type, number of questions, number of answers, number of filter compare series and time interval for the chart.

As an example, full stacked charts, pie charts and donuts are not recommended when the selected calculation type is not count or percentage shares, horizontal line charts are not recommended if no interval is present and so on.

Here we see an example of the recommendation icons appearing in the chart thumbnails.

Note: There will always be edge cases that cannot be covered with smart logic so the recommendations should be treated as suggestions and not strict rules.

Note 2: The Administrator decides if this smart logic will be applied or not to the chart selection in the StoryCreator during the setup of the tool.