At the customer and project level it is possible to set the requirement to enter a code sent to the registered email of the Report user to provide an additional level of security. This prevents the unauthorized sharing of accounts to other users and ensures that by removing access to the corporate mail account, the individual user can no longer access the system even if the account in Dapresy Pro has not been deactivated. 

This function is enabled at the customer level. Dapresy Support can enable this for you as required. It will apply to all your company's Report users and  your selected projects depending on your needs. 

If you already have MFA enabled on your customer account, you can enable/disable MFA on project level in Project settings page/ Security settings section as shown below.

NOTE: If a Report user has access to multiple projects and MFA is enabled in one of the projects MFA will be applied to this user during log in.

After entering a correct user name and password, a new screen will be presented asking for the extra verification code. The code is mailed to the email address for the relevant account. There is a configurable timeout for the entry of the code which can be amended by Dapresy Support if needed. 

Here we see the new screen, presented after entering the correct user name and password, which asks for the extra verification code.  


Enter the code to access the project as normal. This screen and e-mail can be branded to match theming applied elsewhere to login screens. 

When using multi factor authentication for improved security a verification code is sent to the email address associated with the user’s account during the login process. The email sender address can be customized in order to improved white-labeling support. Contact the support team ( for help to change the email sender address if you are using multi factor authentication.

NOTE: MFA will affect Report Users as well as Admin Users.