A “locking” logic is available in the Enfesys process to prevent two or more users working simultaneously with the same alert case (i.e. same respondent). The new logic locks the Form links in the Respondent table if another user already is working with the current alert case, the link becomes locked until the user closes the Form.  

Here we see an example of a Respondent table with a locked Form link. In this case the particular Form link is locked (not possible to click) as “John Andersson” already is working with the current case. As shown in the image the tooltip displays by whom it is locked and what time it became locked. 


The Locking logic is applied by default in a newly created project, but can be deactivated (see below).

The logic is only applied to Forms with editable content, if a Form does not contain any Input variables the locking process is not applied as in these cases it does not matter if one or more users have the same Form open as no changes can be made. 

The Form link will be unlocked when the user closes the Form or if the user that locked a Form. The link will not be unlocked if the user closes the browser or for example turns off the computer. In these cases the Form will become unlocked automatically after a certain time period, the default value is 120 minutes. This means that a user by maximum can work in a Form for 120 minutes and then the Form is unlocked automatically. If a user still is active in the Form when the time limit expires a warning message is displayed 10 minutes before the Form will be unlocked. The time limit is configurable in the Project settings page (see below).

The Administrator user will always have the ability to unlock a locked case, in the image below you see the same example as above but in this case the logged in user is an Administrator.  

Here we see how an Administrator can unlock a case. The “unlock” button is only displayed for the Administrator users and not for Report users. 


The Locking logic is applied by default in all newly created projects. It is recommended to turn the logic on to prevent simultaneous updates of the same case, leading to potential data loss. To turn the locking logic on/off enter the Project settings page and the Form area, see image below. 


In this area you can also define the number of minutes a Form maximum can be locked, the lowest supported value is 15 minutes, the default value is 120 minutes. 

Here we see the control for defining the maximum number of minutes a Form can be locked.